· We brought AmongUs into real life!!!
· Up to 35 different characters with different special abilities from 3 opposing alignments
· Real-life NPC to interact with you
· Fun tasks for you to complete around maze-like surrounding!!!
· Communicate, Bluff, and Interact!!!
· Suggested number of players: 7-25

“Night is falling in the village. Everyone is going to sleep. ”

Are you ready to bring along your friends to this exciting journey?

· Offer both English and Chinese version
· Strategic game that requires communication, cooperation, and logistic deduction.
· Professional game host that can guide you through the game.
· Very suitable for team bonding and the number of
people needed for this game is very flexible.

· 400+ choices that can be guaranteed to suit every occasion
· Only $15 per pax ($18 on weekends)
· Play the whole day

Ranging from rowdy party games and bluffing games for large groups, to brain-burning strategy games, as well as 2-player games for date nights! 

Suitable for almost any occasions
· Party
· Team bonding
· Making friends
· Dating