Team building activities build camaraderie outside office walls and allow workers to connect on a personal level beyond mere colleagues. In the modern workplace, strong working relationships are increasingly prioritised for organisational success — leading to superiors ambitiously seeking novel ways to increase group cohesion and productivity. 

Wondering what activities you can get your hands on in Singapore? We’ve got some interesting and interactive team bonding ideas that aren’t obstacle courses, beach days or scavenger hunts! Find out what they are:

1. Compete on a Lava Floor at INMERS

Leaping across lava floors is a childhood experience that has brought simple and exhilarating joy to so many people worldwide. INMERS in Singapore resurrects this nostalgic classic in the form of fast-moving LED blocks to push the boundaries of your imagination and agility. Form teams and challenge each other to an adrenaline-pumping battle of attrition. In this arena, only the fittest and the fastest survive!

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2. Craft Your Own Pottery at Am I Addicted

Am I Addicted provides the ideal opportunity to break free from the grasp of your cell phone by engaging in a tactile activity. Alongside their standard hand-building and wheel-throwing workshops, they offer team bonding sessions tailored for both individual pottery-making and collaborative efforts — totalling to two hours of getting your hands busy and dirty. Handcraft a unique vessel, be it a cup, bowl, plate, vase, or pot, and dip yourself in the therapeutic art of pottery.

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3. Pour Your Own Candle with Sally’s Room

Candles rarely come across as a practical need, but they’re something we certainly want with their delightful scents, vibrant colours and wonderful designs! Whether it’s the festive season or not, a candle-making project makes a far more meaningful gift than simply getting one off the shelves. Experiment with this artisanal endeavour with the candle connoisseurs at Sally’s Room. Their corporate workshops are highly customisable and can even be hosted virtually. 

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4. Arrange a Flower Display with Botany Studio

We can’t think of anything more profound than the gift of flowers. Floral arrangements can be a pleasant sit-down activity for colleagues to get to know each other, relieve stress, and even coordinate their efforts. While designing your own arrangement is perfectly fine, why not add a fun twist to the session by crafting arrangements for each other? Floral arrangement workshops for both dried and preserved flowers at Botany Studio start from 5 pax and can accommodate up to 40 pax or more.

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5. Solve Puzzles, Flee from NPCs in Escape Rooms at INMERS

Being ensnared within an escape room isn’t the same as being confined to an office cubicle. At INMERS, it’s all about quick thinking, teamwork, and attention to detail as you work out puzzles, unearth hidden items and unravel mysteries on your feet. In our opinion, nothing bonds people together quite like fear. These horror-themed escape rooms serve as proof of that belief — featuring immersive encounters permeated with top-notch technology, theatrics and non-player characters (NPCs) who will challenge your perception of reality!

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6. Concoct Your Own Perfume with Maison 21G

Scents often make an impression in office culture (whether it’s making heads turn or sneezing), so why not bestow your workers with one that captures their personality and style? Maison 21G holds sensational workshops for participants to explore the rich history of perfume, discover a myriad of scents, and create their own bespoke fragrances. Each session lasts for at least an hour and nobody goes home without a bottle of 30 ml eau de parfum they’re satisfied with. 

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7. Construct A Terrarium with Craftsforgreen

How about a terrarium on your office desk? Look towards this self-sustaining ecosystem to recharge and reminisce about fond memories with fellow teammates during crunch times. There’s nothing quite like remembering everyone’s struggle with miniatures and delicate plants to bring a smile to your face. 

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8. Cook Up a Storm with Commune Kitchen 

Cooking is a marvellous way to promote trust and collaboration. On the other hand, the communal nature of sharing a meal with others encourages intimacy. Do both at Commune Kitchen, where you can create culinary masterpieces in Indian, Middle Eastern, Italian, Korean, Chinese and more cuisines from scratch, guided by professional chefs. 

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9. Design a Crystal Bracelet with Gemstory

Just noticing the crystal bracelet craze? Gemstones are said to be able to improve well-being, such as in career, health, or love, but they also make a pretty good fashion statement. Unleash your creativity and witness how your peers self-express through diverse bead and colour options. You might even get a peek into their innermost desires!

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10. Weave Connections with Tufting at HelloRugs

The largest tufting studio in Singapore could be the very place where close-knitted friendships are forged. HelloRugs holds corporate team-bonding workshops where individuals can learn to hand-tuft rugs, exercising their artistic flair and fine motor skills. Customised packages available and teams of up to 35 pax in strength can sign up. 

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